Safari Services

Johan Pieterse Safaris cater for all kinds of safaris throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries. We have access to over 50 different concessions in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, ranging from 800 hectares to over 23 000 hectares.

This region, bordering Botswana and Zimbabwe, is known for its scenic beauty and overwhelming diversity in animal- and plant life. The habitat ranges from arid savannah, dotted with majestic Marula and Acacia, to the forested valleys and time-ravished cliff-faces of the Waterberg mountain range, where leopard roam freely. The western part of the Limpopo Province, where we mainly operate, is well known for its good quality trophies.

Most of our concessions are game fenced with exemption which allows hunting throughout the year. The best time for hunting is during the dry, cooler months (March to September). The temperatures range from 36 degrees Celsius in summer (September to April) during daytime, to 20 degrees in the evenings, and in winter it ranges from cold in the evenings and early mornings, to a comfortable 23 degrees during daytime.

All trophies you take during your safari are field prepared (salted and dried) to your specifications, and are included in your trophy fee.

Transport costs from and to Johannesburg International Airport upon arrival and departure days (non paying days) will be $180 per vehicle per trip. If air charter is required, your Hunting Outfitter will arrange it for you at the going rate.